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Five Rivers Festival: BUBBLE FOOTBALL

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Two Bubble Football events (one for adults and the other for young people aged 13-14) will take place over the course of the day as part of the Five Rivers Festival at Fisherton Rec (SP2 7DG), behind Ashley Green.

Teams will consist of six people (including one reserve) and the initial stages will be run on a round robin basis. That way, everyone will have plenty of opportunity to get the whole experience. The adult event will then move on to semi-finals and finals.

Bubble Football is an energetic and hilarious version of the beautiful game, nothing you are likely to have tried before. Teams in their one-person bubble will seek to dribble the ball forwards and score goals whilst avoiding the barges of the opposition bubbles. It’s not as easy as it looks, especially for those participants who find themselves overcome with laughter.

The events will be run by Excel Activity Group, an established company at running such events.


There will be:

  • One event for adults (aged 18+) comprising 24 teams.
  • One event for young people (aged 13-14) comprising 5 teams.

Each Young People’s team must to ensure that there is an Adult Team Leader, present but non-playing.

Key Details

PRICE: Entry fees are as follows:

  • £100 per adult team (six people).
  • £50 per young people’s team (six people).

TIME: The event will take place between 8.45 a.m. and 4.30 p.m.

EQUIPMENT:  Sports clothing and footwear (no studs or moulded boots) are required. Coloured bibs will be provided to identify players on your team.

LOCATION: Both events will be played on pitches on Fisherton Recreation ground behind Ashley Green (opposite Salisbury Fire Station).

PARKING: All participants must register at Fisherton Rec. Please therefore park in the Five Rivers Leisure Centre Car Park, on Ashley Green itself or in the roads around Ashley Green. No cars can be parked at Fisherton Rec, except blue badge holders.

RULES AND STRUCTURE: On the day of the event, a programme setting out a fully-timed running order of matches will be made available to team leaders. All games in both the adult and young people events will last 10 minutes.

The Adults’ event will be structured as follows:

  • A ‘round robin’ event that will see six groups of four teams compete.
  • The winners of each group and the best two runners-up in each group will move to the quarter-finals.
  • Quarter final winners will compete in semi-finals, with the two winners competing in a grand final.

The Young People’s event will be structured as follows:

  • All teams will play each other with the best team being declared the winners. In the event of a tie a play-off will take place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know what to do?

Everyone will be briefed on how to use the bubbles beforehand and players can be rotated at half time (using your reserve).

Is it dangerous?

Bubble Football is physical like many other games and pursuits. It requires all participants to act reasonably and responsibly towards their opponents and fellow team members.

Is the event properly organised and insured?

Experienced, event co-ordinators from Excel Activity Group will act as referees. Insurance cover is arranged by Excel Activity Group.

Can we enter more than one team?

Companies or organisations are welcome to enter more than one team if they wish.

Where do I park?

Instructions on where participants should park will be sent to team leaders prior to the event. Teams are encouraged to car share wherever possible. No cars can be parked on the site of the event, however, except blue badge holders.

What time do I need to arrive on the day?

Teams will be advised as to the registration arrangements approximately two weeks before the event.

Additional Information

On application to take part the following information will be needed:

All Participants (both Adults and Young People’s Teams):

Name of the Team
Name of the Team Leader
Full names of each Team Member
Personal contact information for each Team Member
Emergency contact information for each Team Member
A disclaimer signed by each participant.

Young People’s Teams only:

Date of Birth
A disclaimer signed by a parent or guardian
Consent to take part and to be photographed, signed by a parent or guardian.


Before your place in the competition can be fully confirmed, you will need to get the application and other forms completed by ALL team members and returned to the organisers along with payment for checking. Your two choices are as follows:

  1. Reserve your Place Online

If you simply wish to reserve a place now and enter later, you can do so now by clicking the “Reserve Now” button below. You will need to enter basic team details only at this point, but you will also need to pay. Your place will then be reserved, however you will need to send in all your completed forms ASAP to secure it.

This can be done either by emailing all the scanned documents to or by posting them to Five Rivers Festival, Bubble Football Event, c/o Salisbury BID, 24-26, A2Z House, Milford St, Salisbury SP1 2AP.

  1. Book your Place by Post

If you wish to book a place straight away, please download the relevant forms below. Please then complete and return them (for each team member) along with a cheque payable to Salisbury Rotary Club by post to Five Rivers Festival, Bubble Football Event, c/o Salisbury BID, 24-26, A2Z House, Milford St, Salisbury SP1 2AP.

Please download the following forms and return them, duly completed, to the address above either by email or post.

Application Form (Juniors)

Application Form (Adults)

General Festival and specific Bubble Football Terms & Conditions

Excel Activity Group’s Agreement/Disclaimer

Emergency Contact & Consent (for Young People’s Teams only)

Reserve Now