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Five Rivers Festival: RIVER FLOAT

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Applications for the 2019 Five Rivers Festival are now closed.


Welcome to The River Float, a great opportunity for family and friends to have a leisurely float down the Avon River from Stink Pot Bridge to Ashley Green.

Inflatables must be plastic and flat – NO wooden and NO polystyrene boards will be allowed. Inflatables should also be ‘flat’ so that you can lie on them, rather than ‘ride on’. This is (1) to help protect the river beds and (2) from a safety perspective as the river depth may very well be over head height at some points.

The river stretches for about 0.8 of a mile down from Stink Pot Bridge and the Float is expected to last around 40 minutes (depending on the flow rate on the day).

Who can take part?

Up to 8 people can float down the river at any one time, however spaces are limited. Why not invite your friends and family to come down with you – and reserve up to 8 places together. The main requirements are that you are aged 12+, a competent swimmer and bring your own inflatable. For those under 16, a responsible adult will be required. Everyone will be required to wear a buoyancy aid which will be provided.

Key Details

PRICE: The cost is £15 per person (16+) and £10 per person (12-15).

START TIME: All those taking part must register and attend a Safety Briefing at Ashley Green before the Float. The first group’s registration time is 8.15am but times have been sent to each group organiser. If you do not turn up for registration/briefing at the correct time, you may lose your place as we cannot allow anyone on the river who has not received a full Safety Briefing.

Once registered and briefed, you will then be taxied up to Stink Pot Bridge in vans along with your inflatables. There you will have a buoyancy aid fitted. Your start time will be roughly 55 minutes after registration and your float will last approximately 50 minutes.

LOCATION: Although the Float itself starts at Stink Pot Bridge, ALL participants must register at Ashley Green and attend a Safety Briefing before being taken up by van to the start. You should park therefore at Ashley Green (ideally in the Leisure Centre Car Park), however please note that there is NO parking up at Stink Pot Bridge.

WHAT YOU NEED: You will need your own inflatable which must be a plastic pool inflatable – see acceptable and unacceptable inflatables shown if you choose to reserve a place). You also need some sensible footwear and we would also recommend that you wear goggles. Buoyancy aids will be provided.

RULES: There is a strict NO RACING policy. The objective of the Float is to enjoy this beautiful stretch of river within the Avon Valley Nature Reserve, whilst respecting the habitat and eco-system.

PARKING: There is NO parking at Stink Pot Bridge. All participants must register and attend a safety briefing at Ashley Green before being taxied up to the start in vans. Please therefore park in the Five Rivers Leisure Centre Car Park, on Ashley Green itself or in the roads around Ashley Green.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Please wear sensible, protective footwear.

What if I have any open cuts/wounds?

From a health and safety viewpoint, please cover up any open wounds or cuts before you start the event. Plasters cannot be provided at the event itself.

Can I wear fancy dress?

No, wearing fancy dress during the river float is prohibited.

What sort of inflatable can I bring?

Bring a plastic pool inflatable that you can either lie or sit on (don’t bring a ride on inflatable such as a dolphin). Other unacceptable floats include wooden or polystyrene floats, a non-flat, ride on float (such as a dolphin) and inner car tubes with metal valves.

Are there changing, toilet and shower facilities?

Yes, there will be changing and toilet facilities on site. You will also need to hose down after your float some on site.

Will you provide a buoyancy aid/life jacket?

Yes we will. Wearing one will be mandatory.

How good a swimmer should I be?

The river depth is over head-height at some points and the strength of the flow will depend on the amount of rainfall prior to the event. You must therefore be a competent swimmer to take part.

Is there an age restriction?

Yes, you must be aged 12+ from an insurance point of view. If you are under 16, you will be required to go down with a responsible adult.

Can those with disabilities take part?

In principle yes, but it depends on the disability and the practicalities accessing the site and managing your safety during the float.


Applications for the 2019 Five Rivers Festival are now closed. Book now for 2020!

Individual Booking
To book an individual place on the Float for just yourself, just click the INDIVIDUAL BOOK NOW button below.

Reserve Multiple Places
If you would like to reserve multiple places (up to a max of 8) to float down together, please click the RESERVE MULTIPLE PLACES button below. If you don’t know the details for all those you are booking for, we are happy to reserve the places for you provided that you get all the relevant forms completed and sent back to us for all the individuals ASAP.

The additional information can either be:

  • emailed to or
  • posted to Five Rivers Festival, River Float Event, c/o Salisbury BID, 24-26, A2Z House, Milford St, Salisbury SP1 2AP.

Please download and read the following forms before proceeding to reserve your place(s).

Multiple Reservation Form

General Festival & Specific River Float Terms & Conditions

Emergency Contact & Consent Form

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