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Five Rivers Festival: RIVER RACE

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Applications for the 2019 Five Rivers Festival are now closed.


On Monday 27th May 2019 at New Bridge (by Churchill Gardens), there will be a series of races from the Sea Cadet building 100m down the river. There will be a Team Race with heats will be followed by semi-finals and a final. All those who enter the Team Race will automatically be entered for the Individual Race.


To take part Team Race, you simply need three in your team, be aged 16+ and a competent swimmer.


Key Details

PRICE: £60 per team (of 3) which includes entry into the individual race, if you so choose. You can wear branded clothing however please bear in mind you will have a buoyancy aid.

TIME: 1.30pm registrations for all, 2pm races start, around 5.30pm finish.

INDIVIDUAL RACE: All individual Team participants can enter into the Individual Race.

EQUIPMENT: You should wear sensible shoes. Inflatables will be supplied for both the individual and team races.

LOCATION: Churchill Gardens on the River Avon by the Sea Cadet building (SP2 8AA).

RULES AND STRUCTURE: The heats for each Race category will be held as closely together as possible to ensure people aren’t wet for longer than necessary. There are quite a few heats however so please ensure that you are able to keep yourself dry and warm in between races.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

You should wear sensible footwear for protection when exiting the river.

What if I have any open cuts/wounds?

From a health and safety viewpoint, please cover up any open wounds or cuts before you start the event. Plasters cannot be given out on the day.

Can I wear fancy dress?

Sorry but wearing fancy dress is prohibited to ensure we leave as little trace after the event as possible. You can wear branded clothing however.

Will there be any changing, toilet and shower facilities on site?

Yes, there will be both dry and wet changing facilities on site (‘dry’ changing within the Sea Cadet building and ‘wet’ changing within the car park behind). You will need to hose down after your races and a facility will be provided at the side/back of the Sea Cadet building. There are only two showers, but they are available within the Sea Cadet building if you do wish to shower.

Where should I park?

The main car park to use will be the Council car park opposite Wiltshire College on the Southampton Road. This only has limited capacity however and vans will not be able to access the car park due to width and height restrictions. Otherwise, we would recommend using Tolgate Road on the Southampton Road side or around Ayleswade Road and Britford Lane/Burford Avenue on the New Bridge Road side.

Please note that the small car park on the ringroad by the play park will be CLOSED as it will be reserved for use by event vehicles such as Serve On and St Johns Ambulance only.

When do I need to arrive?

You will be contacted by the organisers about two weeks before the event with the itinerary for the afternoon along with the time you need to arrive for registration and a short briefing. Allow plenty of time to get there as the ringroad can often be VERY busy on weekends/Bank Holidays.

Will you provide a buoyancy aid?

Yes and wearing one will be mandatory.

Is there an age restriction?

Yes, you must be aged 16+ from an insurance point of view.

How good a swimmer must I be?

The river depth is over head-height all down the course and the strength of the flow will depend on the amount of rainfall prior to the event. You must therefore be a competent swimmer to take part.

Can those with disabilities take part?

In principle yes, but it depends on the disability and the practicalities of getting in and out of the water and managing your safety during each race.

Can I come along and spectate?

This is a real spectator event so we would encourage you to bring lots of friends and family, all with cameras ready to take some interesting photos. There will be three viewing areas: the Sea Cadet building, the river bank opposite the building and along the footpath at Churchill Gardens.

Will there be any refreshments available?

Yes. The Sea Cadets will be providing hot and cold refreshment throughout the afternoon.


Applications for the 2019 Five Rivers Festival are now closed. Book now for 202o.

Team Race
To reserve your place for the Team Race, please click on the TEAM RESERVE NOW button below. Please provide as much information at the time of reserving your team as possible. Please then either email the outstanding documents to or post them to Team River Race, c/o Boatwrights Estate Agents, 41 Castle Street Salisbury SP1 3SP.

Individual Race
All individual Team participants will automatically be entered into the Individual Race.

Please download the following forms as appropriate

Team Application Form (as appropriate)
General Festival and specific River Race Terms & Conditions

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