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Rotary Business Friends

OK – so you can’t become a member of Salisbury Rotary at this time – but you can still help your community by becoming a Business Friend.

Actually, you can do both – be a member and a Friend.

Local businesses like to support the local community – after all that’s where they get most of their business and employees from. And I am sure you are already doing your bit to help.

Salisbury Rotary aims to support those in the community who are not so fortunate in life. And that means raising funds – which we do through events and activities.

But, as a business, you can help too by becoming a ‘Friend of Salisbury Rotary Club’.

What does this mean?

Well, all we ask is that you give an annual subscription of £150 to become a Friend. We guarantee that Salisbury Rotary Club will use ALL of that £150 to support the local community through grants and donations – and as you might imagine, we receive far more than we can support.

Salisbury Rotary is also a registered charity, so you can claim tax relief against the subscription.

To find out more information on joining please email