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Why You Should Join Rotary

  • It’s fun
  •  It’s helping your community
  •  It’s giving something back to those who are not so fortunate
  •  It’s using your skills and expertise
  •  Help out on projects and events when and where you can
  •  Family and business comes first
  •  Come to the meetings when you can
  •  Meet a new group of community minded friends
  •  Join in on the social events and activities
  • Be part of one of the world’s largest charity organisations, with over 1.2 million members in over 200 countries
  •  Team leadership and project management skills
  • Come and see for yourself – you know helping others is good for you too
  •  And, you will love it!

For More details please contact us or download our leaflet



Rotary FAQ

What is in it for me?
Rotary is an opportunity to make new friends both locally and worldwide whilst having fun helping the community and socially

What is expected of me?
Members are expected to be involved in fundraising, social & sporting events where possible.

Members are to attend as many weekly meetings as the can (we have 3 evening and 1-2 lunch meeting per month)

One of the meetings is a business meeting, where committees discuss their forth coming programme and feed back to the rest of the club.

Is it for the middle aged or older people?
Rotary is open to all ages (from 18 years old) , both male & female

What qualifications do I need?
Qualifications needed are to be: Active, Open- minded, modern, keen, reliable, fun and a desire to help the community

What does it cost?

The annual subscription is £130 (paid in July)

Meals costs:  Evenings, 2 courses with coffee (£15.00)

There is a quarterly or monthly (which ever you prefer) standing order to cover the number of meals through the year with any credit returned in January and July

How do I join Rotary and can I come and find out more?
Please contact us to find out more details. You are welcome to attend any other our meetings by prior arrangement to find out if Rotary is for you.