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The Objectives of the course

Vision To provide an opportunity for any young adult to explore and kick start their potential for the future. Our young adults, our future.

Mission: To provide a mechanism for all clubs within District 1110 to invest in the young adults of the future.


Aim: To introduce young people to the concepts of a team, its workings and how effective communication and planning can influence is successes or failures.

Objectives: By the end of this weekend, the young adults will be able to:

  • Understand his/her values that he/she brings to the team
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills through a variety of practical exercises
  • Have learnt the real need for planning and how this can impact on the outcomes achieved

Target audience: Any young adult between the ages of 16 – 17 who can demonstrate a genuine commitment to the aims and objectives of the course and an intention to fully participate in the experience. We run two weekend courses a year in late July/ early August.

Pre-course Prep: To attend and interview for the course and to meet with their sponsoring club to conduct research prior to RYLA.

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The 2017 course information and Application form are available to download here:

RYLA 2018 course information

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