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Wildlife Garden and Forestry Studies Centre

In association with Wilton Rotary Club  we  have recently started construction of a wildlife garden and forestry studies centre for the West Salisbury Science cluster. The cluster  aims to provide a cohesive approach to primary school science projects in the West Salisbury area.

When complete this project located at Woodlands primary school will provide an area for all the schools to to enthuse the student’s
knowledge and development of science and the environment.

To assist in the study the location will include
● Wild Flower Area
● Butterfly Feeders
● Minibeast hotel
● Raised Beds for Growing Veg and Fruit
● Bird boxes and Feeders
● Hedgehog boxes
● Wooden Gazebo/ Canopy to act as an outdoor classroom.

Currently the  Minibeast hotel and raised beds have been completed. We have also located the bird feeders (which have had to be replaced due to a robust assault by squirrels ! ).

The next stage of the project to be completed around Easter time will be the construction of the Gazebo.