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Young Photographer competition

The Rotary Young Photographer competition gives participants the chance to express themselves through photography, interpret the competition’s annual brief in an imaginative way and experiment with digital and traditional methods.

This is a national competition comprised of  a Club, District  and National  Finals. Each entrant has to submit 3 photographs under the theme ‘ Through my eyes‘  and supply a short sentence says how their photo link to the theme

Our club held the first round of the competition this month with 4 entries  from Leehurst Swan School

The Winning entry was by Andrew Spain






‘I wanted to show the moment in sport when you kick a ball, save a penalty and aiming for a target’


We received other highly commended entries from Leo Pike, Scarlett Mitchell  and Max Ansonia





Leo Pike – ‘My photos were taken from the point of view of a car accident and the sequence of events preceding it’





Scarlett Mitchell- ‘My photographs are taken through the eyes of animals and playing with animals’





Max Ansonia- ‘my photos are taken as though they were through the eyes of an homeless person, a teenager waking up and a young person receiving their food on a plate. They show the very different situations people find themselves in. ‘